787! Salaam alaikum!

Here at Sufi Herbs & Botanicals we offer you herbs, medicines, teas, incenses and sacred items from Islamic and Sufi sources. We exhaustively research Islamic medicine, Islamic Alchemy, and the cultural crossroads where Islam encounters local customs and their herbal medicines and cultures. We have a massive library, a traditional laboratory and study with hakims and dervishes from around the world. We hope to bring the world medicines, supporting the various artisans, herbalists, dervishes, talibe, and disciples that we link up with along the path. It is through them that we can offer you handcrafted prayer beads, custom talismans, knowledge packed DVDs, alchemical tinctures, spiritual remedies and healing love. It is our intention and sincere aspiration to bring you ethically harvested, chemical free herbs and teas that are traded fairly.

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