Baye Fall (Baay Faal) Zikhr Beads Tisbah, Kourous

baye fall beads 1
baye fall beads 1

Directly from Touba, Senegal, made from the coveted holy and mystical jallamban tree. The very wood is a talisman in itself, with a long ancient tradition of magical protection in Africa. It is from this wood that the greatest sufi master, Serigne Touba Khadim Rassoul Ahmadou Bamba (SAWS), carved his pen. The beads, kouross jallamban, are flat, because the greatest disciple of Serigne Touba, Mame Cheikh Ibra Fall, prayed on them so much that the normally rounded beads of most Sufi orders became flat from the relentless clicking together. For this reason, the ever-working, ever-praying Baye Fall use these beads to count off La Ilaha IlAlah fall. They are courageous because of the protection of their saints and cheikhs, but make ample use of taweez and talismans specially carved from this wood. These tisbah are very rare and proceeds go to help various Baye Fall projects in Senegal, and support Baye Fall artisans in Touba.

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