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Majdhab Herbal Tisane

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Majdhab – Attracted, someone who is enraptured and bewildered by the effect of Divine attraction.

Mystics, shamans, and herbalists of all times and traditions have sought physical and spiritual medicines to facilitate a connection with the Divine essence. Herbs that calm and quiet the mind, relax the body, ease the breathing and heal the soul can spark the seekers attraction to the Beloved Light that beckons us all. Wildcrafted herbs from the Sufi brotherhoods of Africa and India combine into meditational elixir to transmute the ordinary moments into the profound eternal moment. The tender warmth of these spiritual herbs unlocks the seals of perception cast upon us by the modern base vibrations. A tea for spiritual lovers, for holy remembrance, prayer and introspection. A tea to share with Friends, or alone with the alone.*

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majdhab herbal tisane tea