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Shilait is a tonic, adaptogenic herb, superfood that is rich in the compounds of fulvic and humic acids, which are the basic foundations of life and optimal health. This is a potent aphrodisiac as well as a strong but gentle detoxifying herb.

Islamic physician Avicenna (Ibn Sina) favored it for many cures.
In the “Canon of medical science” by Abu Ali Ibn Sina mumie is recommended for a number of diseases. He was appointed at various paresis, paralysis, nasal bleeding, urine retention. But even in ancient times Shilajit is mainly recommended for wounds, bruises, fractures. Abu Ali Ibn Sina wrote: “as for drugs that [the patient] takes for jointing of bones, Shilajit helps amazing”. See this article for traditional considerations.

Description: Shilajit is found in the writings of later scholars. For example, in Muhiti Osam – “the Great Ocean”, written in India in 1860 – 1865 years Mohammed Atamanom, says: “the Best mumie – black, shiny, with a light smell of oil. Mumie quickly penetrates the tissues of the body. Taken in the right quantity, mumie strengthens the spirit, spiritual and physical matter, heart, raises vitality and improves mood, helps the healing of broken bones, sprains and bruises, paralysis of the nerves of the face… In diseases of the joints, physical and nervous exhaustion recommended to take mumie mixed with two or three egg yolks. When fresh wounds mumie also helps well as for domestic use and for external lubrication wounds, and even better to combine both”.

Black Shilajit Details:
Latin name : Asphaltum
English Name : Asphalt, Mineral Pitch
French Name : Asphalte
Arabic Name : Hajrul Musa, Arqul Jabal,momia or mumijo
Persian Name : Momyai
Sanskrit Name : Shilajit
Hindi Name : Shilajit, Salajit

Uses Of Black Shilajit
Boosts immune system
Revitalizes body cells and muscles
Has anti-oxidant properties
Anti-asthmatic, anti-allergen and anti-stress agent
Improves heart functioning
Reduces general weakness
Sexual performance*

*The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.