Thiouraye (Senegal Incense)

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Tchouraï Thiouraye Chouraye
(Senegalese incense)

These are the secret incenses of Senegal, each blend is a closely guarded secret. The smells are used to cleanse the home, for creating a beautiful spiritual area, the herbs, roots, barks and oils call the angels and dispels the demons. Some Thioraye is used for simple pleasure, or for seduction, or for clothes, but this is a spiritual, energized blend of esoteric ingredients combined in the aromatic technologies of the traditional herbalists of Africa as well as the Prophetic and Sufi incenses. Baye Fall Blend! Portion of proceeds goes to West African charitable projects by way of donation to our Shaykh Serigne Mbacke Fall Moustapha. One of the aims of Sufi Herbs is to find sustainable methods for charitable projects and hadiya to the Shaykh. We promote win/win business model, where we can provide high quality products and use a portion of the proceeds to give back and reinvest in the communities that provide the ingredients, or to the masters that avail us of their products, knowledge and wisdom.

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